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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Child Abuse

i was watching TV and there was this Singapore TV ad about Singapore crimes TV show and it brought me back to few years ago when i watched the same TV show.

it was about a couple who had be arrested over guilty charges of a boy's death.

The boy was the woman's son who just gotten a new boyfriend after her divorce.
the BF at first was good to the boy and his sister.

until there was several times the mother had to leave them alone in the house, the BF began tormenting the poor boy, tell him to do the most ridiculous things and spank him for nothing.

there was one part that made me so angry, especially with the mother;s stupidity.
the boy was crying so loudly and the mother came to see what went wrong.
then, she saw her BF scolding the boy.

she asked what's wrong. the boy said the guy told him to eat his own POOP...
 yes!! EAT HIS OWN POOP!! 

and you know what the BF said,
by letting the kid to eat poop, it will cure diseases ( heck i forgot what disease).

and u know what,
the dang good for nothing mother believed it and tell the kid to eat it as well..
and the boy forcefully DID!!

i was like???
WTH??? WHAT??? why so stupid la woman!!!

the poor kid died over hard wounds and internal bleeding i guess,
and found dead.

charges was taken...

but that was harsh man!!!

stop child abuse!!!

mentally abuse
sexually abuse
physically abuse

its sick!!

disciplining and abuse is different

you spank the kid to teach them a lesson
yes, im not against spanking.
not to make them scared of you,
but to let them know that it is wrong,
so other people wont spank them (or maybe worst),
if we dont.

but abusing is sick!
hitting a child to their death or even traumatizing them?
out of your mind!!

dont make babies if you cant handle them!!!

i mean it! you people are sick!!

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