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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life as a Degree Student

all hustles and bustles as a student has finally ended..
(in syaa allah, if my result turns out well)

im sorta sad (expected) to leave my dear friends in Puncak..
they're the best comical people iv met..
of course, my school and diploma friends are awesome too..
but these guys, they're really, undeniably comical.. (and they said, im the cartoony one)

within my 3years of degree in animations..
alot of frustrations and challenges faced me, and i was afraid i fear it alone.
thus, a few gentle and loving friends stood behind me, supporting me all the way..

together, we faced all sorts of challenges,
assignments, tests, exams, death, revival, mockery and discouragements.

thank you guys,
for coming to accompanying me in my room,
for letting me hang over ur house almost all the time,
for lending/giving the sweater,
for giving me the awesome anime collections,
for sharing awesome asgmnts updates and infos,
for sharing cool VFX tutorials,
for trusting in me with your lighter,
for being such a lovely dope,
for helping me with my japanese vocabs,
for letting me sleepover at ur house freQuently,
for giving me moral support when im down,
for your warm loving hugs,
for all ur troll jokes that make me laugh so bad,
for being my irritator and fight buddy,
for bring me to mamak almost evry night,
for being a sweet awkward fellow,
for having such awesome patience with me,
for laughing at my lame jokes,
for sharing hilarious youtube vids,
for sharing new experiences,
for that many lovely things we shared together...

but mainly,
thank you, for being you... :)

and also,
im sorry if,
i made you guys angry and frustrated,
i happened to hit you too hard,
i made you sad and disappointed,
i owe you guys and hvnt paid back (do tell, im very forgetful)
i was stubborn
i was passive in a group project
i was such a a**hole,
i even said anything offensive,
i was being too insensitive,
i made things awkward,
i embarrassed any of you,
i was being too annoying and troll much,
i was such a scumbag,
i made all the things that i shudnt hv done or said towards you guys...

forgive me? :(

the time between 2010 to 2012, those times can nvr be replace by anything in the world,
even when there's an alien invasion, going to suck my memories of you guys for no good reasons,
i'll nvr give em up... for you guys are awesome, stupendous and super AWESOME!!

i love you guys, may we meet again someday and hopefully, you guys will only change physically and maintain your awesomeness.. :)

p.s: you know who you are.. :)


Anonymous said...

just stopping by to say hi

Puteri Nurul said...

hye... :)