Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


There are few articles about choosing or evaluating your significant other:

# 20 Qualities He/She Should Have
# 10 Signs He/She Is Not Right For You
# 20 Relationships That Not Worth It
#5 Signs He/She is The One...
#bla bla bla..

I don't think its fair for many.. Evaluating and judging a person that you love is just so wrong. If you love him/her, its love. Whether he's a bad egg or a slutty bitch, if you feel love, then that your problem. You cant commit a relationship, hoping to change a person. You know what? Heck if that person loves you as much as you do, he'll/she'll do the best to treat the relationship better, and no one has the right to say that him/her is not right for you. Just putting up standards for a 'proper relationship' is just too cruel. Some people may not have all the Qualities in the list checked, but they still have every right to love.

Don't tell our SO to change because someone else said so (unless you're in an abusive relationship, by all means, dump him/her before he/she kills you). No love is perfect in this world. Just uniQue. UniQue and different, and always wonderful. Appreciate what you have or else the counterfeits will come for you. Forever artificial, lonely and unsatisfied.

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