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Saturday, March 15, 2014

10 years ago~

Lets see... #throwback
10 years ago eyh?

It was 2004, young lady at 16, secondary 4.

I was a happy goody two shoes girl. But nobody actually knew, I had my first heartbreak this year, when I just knew my 1st crush ever is going to move away to MRSM. Somehow, i knew that it was a mere crush and we would eventually move along separately. But I didn't expect it to be that soon. It wasn't a devastating, heart aching, suicidal heartbreak, in fact it was like a 'meh' thing. It was only one side anyway. We weren't even friends. Just someone I look from a far. *anime scene*

I have also lost a close friend of mine. My partner in crime in drawings. Her drawings were incredibly beautiful, and to compared to mine, it was amateur. But she never fail to praise me and to give me awesome spirit for drawing. We would just doodle away together. But her family moved to Perak and we had to say goodbye. Apart from my crush's transfer, my farewell for her was more saddening. We cried and held each other, saying silly things that she'll meet me again in a helicopter and we fly together to Japan.

Anyway, with that guy gone away, I literally wasn't interested to anyone. It should be a lay back year for me. PMR just ended and SPM is not until next year. The seniors called this period 'The Honeymoon Year'. The teachers really should cut us some slack. LoL. I joined as many clubs as I could, excluding the sports clubs. I was (and still am) never the athletic type anyway. 

Lets see... I've joined, the Karate-Do club, English Society, and Choir. I stayed back after school almost everyday even when there weren't any club activities. Some of my time I would linger around the school blocks, chatting with anyone. Then I would eventually loiter around the school botanical garden. The gardening club would always welcome me around, and I would voluntarily help with the gardening.

At odd times, I would just stay round the school canteen, chatting away with the canteen workers. Sometimes, they would be generous enough to give me free food or drinks (muka tak malu). I would play round with their son in the canteen with bunch of other juniors.

One fine day, a senior prefect called me. Knowing myself, I was determined to keep my school record as clean as I can, so I thought I've gotten into trouble, but I was actually appointed to be a prefect. Oh well, if that's so, that's it. I was glad tho, I didn't get into any trouble, knowing how mischievous my classmates is. LoL.

Speaking of classmates, after the PMR results, I intended to join in the literature class. I know my strength and I was very sure I want this class. The teachers insisted for me to join the economic class, as it suits with my results, but I declined. I mean, come on. Me? Economics? Numbers?? Nah... 

Upon entering the class, I was shocked. Oh hoo.. Now I know why the teachers want me to join other classes. Half of this class is filled with brutal and rather naughty boys. LoL. But after knowing them, no matter how mischievous these troublemakers are, they are very loyal and true. Sure they aren't academical smart, they have ways to show gratitude. Every night, I would tell my sister how my classmates were. She would get so annoyed and eventually ignore me. I mean, how could I not share? They were so comical and sweet at times. One time, one of our classmate had a terrible accident, and half of the class (all of the boys) would skip school to visit. This had gone for a week. Oh! I was also the vice class representative, and my 1st boyfriend was the class representative (coincidence?)

I had my 1st boyfriend in this class, this year. He told me he had admired me from a far since Form 1 (well, oppss.. while I was stalking my crush, he was stalking me). The funny thing is, I knew he was around when we were Form 1, but I literally thought he transferred school or something. I didn't know he was around until we got together in this year's class. Gosh I was so naive and dense! Anyway, he asked if we can be a couple. The problem is, I have never engage this sort of situation and i was dumbfounded. So I said, I'll think about it. For awhile, I sat in a corner, thinking, how does thing 'couple' thing work? I surely read too much of shoujo manga not to understand this, but for it to happen in real life? So, I went back to him and said that I'll give it a try. Not that I have any mutual feelings, but I'll try. There you have it. My 1st couple. But we had a lot to encounter. My lack of emotions and insensitivity always made him upset, and by upset, i meant cry. Gosh I was mean! Then there's the other admirer, which happens to be his own best friend. It was flattering but I was like, 'oh, that make sense. The hair clip, the watch, the cards.'. I just accepts them without any knowledge of whats happening. I just thought he really cares for me as a senior. *face palm*. My 1st relationship didn't last long though. Lasted about 3 months. I just broke it off. There was no mutual feelings and so, I got bored. Him, on the other hand, took it hard and became anti girls for months. Refuse to talk to me, and had this markings on his bag about how he hate girls. But we became friends again eventually, since we need to work together as class representatives.

Students around this age, would eventually select or get selected for a god-brother or sister. Not officially, but just for the sake of company. I, too, had a lot of em. To them, I was the tomboyish baby sister they need to look after, or so they said. So I thought of them as family as well. I don't have an elder brother or sister back home, so I appreciate them more. They would hang out with me at the canteen and accompany me drawing. I would also watch them play basketball in the evening after school.

Around this year too, I had my 1st penpal. We meet on a literal penpal website (i don't remember which site though). I was an internet noob at that time, so we only exchanges emails almost every week. We had similar interest in anime and comics, so we hit off right away. He's from Netherlands and he taught me a lot of things about his culture and country. That was my 1st time knowing someone out of the country other than Singapore. As exciting as it is, he too was excited to meet someone from the asian part of the world.

Those were the days where money, jobs and bills didn't matter. I had a good school life, and I have appreciated it a lot. Never a moment I thought of wanting to grow up fast. I just wanted to stay a school girl as long as I can. To learn to love, make friends, appreciate those little things we thought would last forever. Can say, i was a Blooming 16.. :)

This is my story, 10 years ago. Whats yours?

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