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Monday, March 3, 2014

Yes, Im human too...

This early morning, I've read an online article about how 3 girls of the same religion approached each other.

I personally considered myself as a stone heart-ed woman. I hardly care what others thought about me, and seldom take notice of those minor selfish happenings around me. But when i read this article, it made me reminisce the times before i wore my hijab.

The story of the article took place in a local college in Malaysia (obviously, because the scenario is familiar to a Malay environment). A young hijabless woman wanted to perform her prayers in a surau, but she accidently forgotten her telekung. She asked another young woman (who looks like she's done her prayer) if she can borrow her telekung for awhile. Instead of lending the hijabless woman, she dissed her so bad about her not wearing a hijab. She gotten so angry but she said nothing, until approached another well hijab-ed woman. Apologetically, she overheard the disses and scolded the mean woman for being rude and disrespectful towards another sister of the same religion. Egotistically, the mean hijab woman kept on saying that the hijabless woman is a disgrace to the religion and she doesn't belong in the surau. The nice woman reminded her that, even in hijab is worthless if their character (akhlak) is bad. The mean woman went away resentfully. The nice woman lend her telekung to the hijabless woman, and they prayed together. After their prayers, the hijabless woman thanked the woman who saved her, and the nice woman praised her thoughtfulness. The hijabless said she wasn't worth the praise as she is sinful towards Allah for not covering up. The nice woman said,

"The soul is much more beautiful if its protected. I understand that we need time to change, but bear in mind, that time doesn't wait for us."

This simple story almost brought tears to me. Why? Because it really happens.

I was one of the women who was often dissed and shun away by this community of hijabis. I dare to say that they are so pretentious, they stopped and was friendly as soon as they knew my celebrity parents. How 'nice'.

These narrow minded people are one of the reason i stay a low profile during my years of studying. One minute they hate you, talk behind your back, next minute, they want to be your best friend. fakers! Me, just being who i am, don't really take notice of what they had to say about me, but what's annoying is when they hover around, being close to me like flies afterwards.

No. I don't hold any grudge upon them, but knowing how these community works, they're giving muslimah a bad name, and i'm ashamed of it. That's why i had this ideology of, why should i wear hijab when looking like them is making me like one of them? Of course, that's wrong to think like that, and i admit i wasn't mature about it. Wearing hijabs or covering our aurah in general is wajib, and has nothing to do with others. We are judged (akhirat) as an individual.

What im trying to say is, there is ALOT of mean hijabis out there that would diss you so bad. But lets not forget about the nice hijabis whom are willing to guide people like me sincerely. People like my best friend, CheQin. Just thinking, how lucky i am to got stuck to my CheQin so early, that these other mean girls doesn't mean a THING!!

As i go along the story, as soon as the nice hijab woman came in the story line, whatever she advised or said, is almost exactly as what CheQin told and taught me throughout our whole friendship. She prayed and advised me nonstop, and never scolded me for being an airhead. I guess, her prayers are semi-answered (along with people who cared to pray for me, like my mom) (its semi-answered because i don't pray as well as i should.. still a big sinner).

To mean and judgmental hijabis, reflect yourself, and your tongue. Approach and don't shun us. And don't be a hypocrite. Nobody likes that. And to all non hijabis, its ok. Find a friend and ask for guidance. Its not that hard when you're doing it with a true friend. And to nice hijabis, help us, and in syaa allah, we too can show you the way towards Allah together. Islam is a Beautiful religion. Let make it happen altogether and maintain brothers and sisters till Jannah. Ameen.

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