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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Don't forget the Lotion!

I randomly remembered one funny scene during my e-day (seriously random)...

Topet bought my engagement ring, about a month earlier before the actual date. So i got a bit worried about my finger size (well, actually about my whole body weight).

Afraid that the ring won't fit my finger during the ceremony, my mom advised me to apply lotion on my hands, just to make it a bit slippery (bonus: soft hands.......).

Well, i was so nervous, i immediately forgot the tip!

So, when the ring wearing event took place (i was already nervous), my mom (who was sitting beside me), whispered harshly behind my back,

"Lotion!! I told you to apply lotion!"

OMG!! In that split second, i wanted to scream STOOOPPP!!!


but the ring fits anyway...
i wasn't that fat after all...

LOL! worrywart...

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