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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dahnia's Open House

September 13th, 11.11am, Bandar Utama Home

After, I went to Ameerul's house, i hitched Lokman n drove all the way to Dahnia's House, as she invited everybody to her Open House... She also wanted us to view some of the item her aunt was selling.. all originally from New York..

As we reached, few of our friend were already there and the item they were looking looked so cute!!

Selling item:
Scarf Toaster Cozy Teapot Cozy Toiletries Umbrellas yadayadayada

But the price is.. unbelievable.. a 350get for an umbrella.. and its original Gucci... *pheewh*

Nevermind lah...
its not like i need anything, rite??

There, i also made a new funny friend, BalQis... supposedly to be Dahnia's close friend...

Here's the click:
BalQis and I both has the same birthdate!! kyahahah!! No wonder its too easy for me to befriends with her.. heheh

so, that makes 3Libras
Dahnia, BalQis n Me
cool ehh??
*nudge nudge*
In the end, Farid sent me home, since Lokman couldnt because of some issues he got, so, i got home at 12am... even though mom told me to be home by 10pm.. ;p

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