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Saturday, September 12, 2009

What A Day!!

September 12th, 3.31am, Bandar Utama Home

2 days ago, i came back home to get things done.. n yesterday, was a hectic day...

On that night itself my dad drop by at home to hand me so me mini donuts n my favorite fruit,


which i eagerly asked him to get some for me in FaceBook. I was quite surprised he get the message!


Thanks Ayah... Luff U soooo MUCH!! <33

OK.. My dad bought alot, but in packets, so i didn't quite finished them, but, i kept it in the fridge.. so full at that time.. and, to my very surprise...
my pets, the sugar gliders...

It was jumping all over me trying to get some, but, i didnt allow it.. durian is a heaty fruit.. it might spoil their body... But i quite pity them why they look at me with those sad big eyes..

its like they're begging me

"please, have mercy.. i want some,please"

i couldnt stand it..
i have to give it to them..

They looked so cute eating the durian so hearty!!
they even begged for more!!

my lost...

ok... then yesterday.. 11th september...


I woke up early this morning because my dad promised me to go shopping for my Baju Raya.
Very excited!!

until i received a disappointing SMS

"Since today is Friday, i cant go shopping with you.. can we go on the 16th instead?"

How could i forget??
Its Friday??
Men are suppose to go for they Friday prayers??
By the time he's done praying.. he got shooting to do...

What can a girl do?

Well, yeah.. I understand.. cant blame him at all?? duhh??
So, i told my dad that i'll go shopping with my friend and i'll use my remaining money and claim from him or mom later...

I wanted to message my friend Lyiana,
I send it to her boyfriend (which is also my bestfriend), Am,
he didn't reply anyways.

I go shopping with my maid instead..
my maid got some taste.. so i trust her taste??

Why not ya??
She even picked for me
hot jeans, t-shirts and sneakers??

I'm just so bad at shopping..

I'm telling the truth!!
I cant go shopping alone or the stuff i buy wont last long...
it's either i wont use it after 3days or i wont use it at all..

So, we went shopping nearby..

was planning to go to
Subang or Masjid India or Bangsar
we end up at the curve.. teehee..

So, we went survey everywhere.. Looking what i want most..

A Kebaya

Yes!! i wanted a kebaya of my own my whole life.. but didnt get one coz i always have to follow the latest fashion... and i end up with baju kurung...

We searched everywhere!!

From Ikano to The Curve to Cineplex Damansara to The Curve and back to Ikano


I found it!!

A beautiful white kebaya with a red batik for the bottom plus a red shawl to match the bottom


im so happy!! (>~<)

Ok, later that evening, i came back home and get ready for an event my mom wants me n my sis to follow..

to 2nd Anniversary Event

At the event.. i really couldnt believed that i survived the whole event with a 4 to 5inch (i think) heels.. so painful yo!!! aisshhh!!

So, we went back home after we had a short visit for my dad at the shooting location..

yeah.. tiring.. yes...but still not tired enuff to blog.. heheh...

Im just so happy i got a kebaya!! yippy!! heheh

I bought 3comics today!! a total bonus for me!! hahahah!!

When pride rises, so does EGO....

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Nor Shazwina Shahnaz said...

tak ajak. if not i could go wit u.. kite pun tgh cari baju lg..