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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Berbuka With GD6B Family

September 2nd, 2.19am, UiTM Perak

After I went through a rough day, sleepless nights and all... my classmates decided to do a Berbuka Feast at a near by restaurant with i didnt even know it was there after all these 3years...

The food was fantastic

The class was happy

Another memory created

With all the jokes ad laughter, I felt a slight sorrow in my heart.

It has been awhile since we had these kind of events among ourselves,
after all the terrible squabbling and arguing all these times.

And to think, some of us will be separated soon...

Well, one thing for sure...
Among all the classmates,

Kaktasya, Azira and I,

Wonderful moments!!
TeeHee... (+~+)

Food is Served

The Kakak's Of The Class


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