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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Syawal's Forgiveness

September 26th, 2.37am, Bandar Utama Home

6days had passed since Syawal hit the month, and i realized i havent properly greet my friends.

So, here goes...

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a beautiful month filled and decorated with forgiveness, laughter and joy of remembering Allah after a month of fasting.

I would like to seek forgiveness to my family,
my blood and soul..

(im sorry im such a stubborn daughter)

Ibu Sri
(im sorry for slacking of this raya (x__X) and not calling u often)

Ibu Aliah
(im sorry for being a burden)

AsyiQin, Aiman Aisya, Ain, Ameen
(im sorry for if im not being a good sister)

Sha'amin, Hailisya and Hazuwin
(im sorry for being so far away)

the rest of the family
(im sorry if im in the wrong)

I would like to seek forgiveness from my besties,
my light in the dark

(im sorry for annoying u but ur annoying too!!)

(im sorry for being so far from ur heart.. i still love u dearly)

(im sorry for being stubborn and hardheaded.. ur just the same tho)

(i hv lots of forgiving to do wit u dude!! FORGIVE ME!!)

(im sorry if i made u pissed off all the time)

(im sorry if im not a good enuf friend)

I would like to seek forgiveness from my friends
my life's decorations

Homo Sapiens of
class GD 6B

Homo Sapiens of
old memories

Homo Sapiens that
i know and know me

Homo Sapiens of
old schoolmates

(im sorry if im in the wrong... forgive me people of earth!!)

0-0 ya??

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