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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ameerul's Doa Selamat

September 13th, 9.45pm, Bandar Utama Home

After I celebrate Iqin's Bday Party in Paddington House, The Curve, I went to Ameerul's Doa Selamat for him to go to U.K, picked up by my other bestie, Lokman.

As we reached, the house was silence and only a few people out the the house tent. I instantly recognized a few people there.

my schoolmates!!

HaziQ (who came later on)
Dahnia (who came later on also)
Aishah, Linda and Balqis (new friends)

Feeling overjoyed, we chat, joke around and took loads of pics.. i'd even accidentally smacked Farid on the cheek with an empty bottle (so sorry dear.. i swear, it's an accident!!)...

Farid, Lyiana n me

peace to our obviousness.. heheh!!

award winning picture of the night!! LOL!
*wink wink*

new friends (aishah n Linda)

Man of the Night!! *drum roll*

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