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Sunday, September 13, 2009

iQin's Birthday

September 13, 10.32pm, Bandar Utama Home

I woke up late since I slept late as well due to some complicated circumstances.. But it ends well.. i guess?

It all started when i woke up at 4pm and i was in a middle of 2girls dancing to Miley Cyrus song. Being half-asleep and all, i couldnt even bother.

I went into the shower as i know i got a busy night, tonight. During my shower, I had this odd thought that something's gonna happen that day, it wont be good news.. but, as always, i ignored such pointless thoughts...

AHHH!! Throw that away!!
So, on we go to The Curve.. planning to go to TGI Fridays...

My mom didnt make any reservation??


So, we end up having out celebration at Paddington House Of Pancakes... the place where you eat everything... with pancakes...

The food was ok, but not as good as TGIF la..
but, watheheck,rite??

My uncle n family came to celebrate together, but sadly, my grandma couldnt... Iqin was abit upset, but, nevermind eh... She can come next week.. or so.. hehe...

We ate happily and full!!
Though, my food came very late..
but worth the wait.. ok?? haha!!

Hye everybody!! She's 16!!
visit her BLOG

Shahira n iQin n Aisya
Blood sisters!!

iQin n Ibu
(Photostate n Original)

me n bday gurl
me abit "camera-high"

Kids and aunty Robby n Uncle Z

me hogging the camera!!

Salzburg (lamb) *yum yum!!*
it may came late.. but it was worth it...

candle wish
(i went to am's house oredy that time..)

as the saying goes..
"when one's birthday has come, one must be creamed!!"
the tradition must go on!!

mmwaahhh!! luff u!!

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