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Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy Day

Daddy Day to Ayah...
celebrated with lots of love, laughter, songs and... 
sadly, Bieber songs included...

made a Karaoke Surprise party for Ayah,
which was pretty hard to get him into the surprise...
golly... >.>

but evrything worked fine...

fond memory songs.. ;)

A Whole New World duet
Ayah and me

almost the WHOLE Bieber album
Ameen (solo) & Ain (solo)

almost all the songs there
Aisya rockstar-wanna-be

Aiman and Me

Just The Way You Are
whole siblings...

Billie Jean & Bad
Ameen (dancing Jacko style)

Hijau (last song for that night)
Ayah & me

love love dearest daddy... :)

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