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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Damn You!

you shud be sooooooo thankful that my parents taught me to control my temper! i swear i feel like calling you and curse you so bad, you'll regret that you even know me.

who do you think you are?? just because u think you'r greater than i am, doesnt give you any rights to take me lightly. i GAVE you this freaking opportunity for you to be known in the freaking industry. you swore to me to do your best and wont disappoint me and will make this work. but now??

right from the start you got me into trouble! i was scolded, dissed, mocked, all because of you! ever since this project started, all the troubles happened, all because of you!! seriously... YOU!!

now dont try to detest me or outsmart me or anything!!

yes, i do think its partly my fault too... why? because i was too soft to be pushed around. WHY? cause i RESPECT you... but now? dude.. you just lost it.. you're now just a DOUCHBAG to me, a sweet talker and all talk!! i dont care about your other works... you didnt prove to me anything..

dont try to say im stupid. i TRUSTED you, and you gave me CRAP!! oh wait, i was stupid... TO EVEN TRUST YOU WITH THIS IN THE 1ST PLACE... evn after weeks and weeks of excuses... i had enuff...

now we lost it, and its mainly your fault... i cant cover for you anymore.. you and your freaking EGO... 

Yes, i am a coward... for not telling this straight to your face. coz beside you, is a woman, whom happens to be my friend. you'r lucky enuff that im not that much of a bitch to call her and tell her on you. coz i respect your relationship.

p.s: FYI, im not the type of person to blame another frm a failure... but this... thanks alot... seriously, ALOT!!

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