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Thursday, November 28, 2013

EDay Thanks

Thank to all who helped me manage the ceremony so smoothly and beautifully~
but mostly...

Thank you Ibu Sri
... for the catering.
... for the moral support.
... for traveling from Singapore to Damansara for me. (becoz when she goes back, she hv to work so much OTs)
... for accompanying me shopping for items. (Im just so bad in KL)

Thank you Ayah
... for helping with house cleaning and decorating the dais too.

Thank you Puteri Lily
... for being the most wonderful event manager ever! Decorating the dais and organizing almost everything.
... for letting me rely on you so much!

Thank you Aunty Sarimah and MAC
... for sponsoring the door gift and the cake. Such lovely gifts.

Thank you Aunty Irma
... for helping me with my shopping in KL. Driving us around here and there. (Its just so hectic there.. >.>)

Thank you Pak Ngah and family
... for being the pantun maker, the entertainer and mini organizer for the on going ceremony

Thank you Abg Faizal Rezza
... for sponsoring the photographer. Took beautiful images of the ceremony. I love it!

Thank you UmzarulNadia
... for making me beautiful that day, and at a half price too! You're a wonderful (and talkative) friend indeed. Everybody praised your work. I especially loved it too!

Thank you Paksu Fendi
... for the time u spent to brief us before the ceremony. Helped us a lot and clearly too!

Thank you Aunty Sa'adah and Uncle Ali
... for proposing and accepting me as your son's lover and future bride.

and especially you...

Thank you Taufik Hidayat
... for loving me.

Without everybody here, i can't imagine how the ceremony would turned out like. Im just so bad at event planning... So thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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