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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Im Engaged to the Love of My Life

I woke up early morning in a hotel room. Been sleeping with my mom. I just feel at ease sleeping with her after so long... (what do you expect? Im a grown woman..) I got up and get ready to walk home (hotel was just a walking distance away). We bought breakfast and a few other things.

As reached home, i saw the mini dias, decorated beautifully in the middle of the hall.

'In a few hours, i'll be sitting there. Well, thats nerve wreaking...'

I help some of the house work (including yelling at my siblings. They were making a mess!)

Then, my aunty came... then my friends.. then my make up artist... then the photographer......
As there were more and more visitors were arrived, the more anxious i became. The time must be close! They must be nearby!!

The ceremony went smoothly (praise Allah) and i was so happy! They were exchanging pantuns and laughter. Smiles all around.

But... I, who was upstairs, waiting for my call to go down...

was twitching and very nervous... 


...until my aunty called me down. I insisted that my mom accompany me downstairs, so i grab her wrist! I tried smiling elegantly (act natural, dang it!) until THIS SOMEBODY, WHO WAS LOOKING DIRECTLY AT ME, STARTED GIGGLING MISCHIEVOUSLY! (im talking about you Sal!)

so yeah, i was taken to be seated on the dias, and... urmm... smile??? (sweats)

Luckily, i heard a tiny voice calling me... 'kakput! kakput!'... It was Nana (Topet's sister). She was all smiles and started to wave at me. I was so relieved and delighted. All the tension for nothing. Its a family event. I knew almost everybody in the room, so this me isn't ME. I know they know that very well.

So, the ceremony went on, reciting some Du'a and stuff.. then...

the nerve started to wreak again.... its the 'Sarung Cincin'!!! (where, the future mother in law, wears it for the future bride as a proposal from the future groom)

We were both so awkward, we weren't even smiling right! Yes, WE! Me and Aunty Sa'adah!
As she ring the ring through my ring finger, all emotions waved in together. I was touched, shy, nervous, happy!

The ceremony ending with us all socializing and chatting and eating. It was a delightful day. Glorious!

We have yet to announce the Wedding Date... but soon ok?? 

So, when that happens, remember to SAVE THE DATE! 

p.s: don't worry... ayah won't hurt you... that bad... LoL
p.s.s: brace yourself though.

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